The Root of all Evil

Here is another installment of exTRAPaganza, our Thursday over-the-top trap series. 

The forest floor is covered in the thick roots of the trees. At the center of the forest is an unholy shrine in the middle of a small mausoleum.

If the mausoleum door is opened, the trees are activated with the following effects within 30′ of an exposed root.

The area is difficult terrain.

The area is under the effect of a bane spell with a hard Charisma save.

During combat, the roots will attempt to trip each target once per encounter. The target must make a hard Dexterity saving throw at Initiative 20 or become prone. Prone characters, at initiative 20 the next round must succeed on another hard Dexterity saving throw with disadvantage or become entangled in the roots. While entangled, the target is restrained. It requires either a hard Strength check to escape, or the root can be cut. The roots have AC 15 and 10 hp. If a target begins their turn restrained by the roots, they must make a hard Constitution saving throw or lose 1d3 Constitution.


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