I’d like to hear from my readers if you are still interested in 4e traps, especially on the Thursday trap. Any comments are welcome.

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Happy Trap-a-birthday!

One year ago today, pfworks posted the very first trap on this site. (The first post was on June 7th, but it merely mentioned traps, making that just the contractions and the 8th the real birthday.)

*sniff* It brings a tear to my eye to think of all the tears we’ve brought to PCs’ eyes since then. We hope that you’ve likewise enjoyed our efforts.

As pfworks’s  occasional collaborator, I’ve gone from roughly 50-50 contribution in the early days, to stepping back and sticking my head in just for the April Fool’s Week, and watching in awe as pfworks pumps out a trap every day, 7 traps a week. I’m busy working on promoting gaming elsewhere, I haven’t gone away, and I stand ready if ever I’m needed – but I’m not. Ever.

This bloke is a death machine machine. I believe it is about time that he took a bow.

So kudos, pfworks, for starting this thing and for keeping it running. It has been hellaciously good fun working with you, even if for the last several months that has mostly meant reading your work.

And… I’ve made you a cake.

Happy birthday trap

It’s a cake with a candle on top. A delicious-looking cake. Whatever is most delicious to you. (I imagine it as a nice round bombe alaska for some reason.)

When you blow on the candle, the flame starts shooting out multicoloured sparks, like a miniature firework. It’s very pretty.

When you blow on it a second time, the entire candle ignites in rainbow flames, and the sparks shoot up even faster.

When you blow on it a third time, or even if you wait a round…

…well, let’s just say the cake won’t need any cutting.

As an old trap hand you may have snuffed the candle with your fingers and cut the cake, yes? Unfortunately, the volatile cake mixture ignites on contact with air, producing a cone of flame that detonates the whole cake a round later.

Unfortunately putting the cake down isn’t an option. Some joker has put a short-lasting temporary form of sovereign glue on the bottom of the plate. The recipe makes the base of the cake naturally incredibly sticky, so trying to shake the cake off doesn’t work, and trying to pull it off will breach the icing, detonating it as above.

However, if you can manage to create a vacuum around the cake and stick your head in to eat it, it’s absolutely delicious. Congratulations, and happy birthday! You deserve every crumb.

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