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Spiky Floor (CR 2)

The floor is covered in spikes. A small path meanders through it.

Type: magical; Perception DC 26; Disable Device DC 26

Trigger proximity; Reset none


The spikes can be navigated by making a DC 18 Acrobatics check to move at half speed. If it fails, the target takes 1d4 damage and becomes entangled until they use a move equivalent action to free themselves. The path can be traversed normally, however, in the middle, a small hole appears. Spiky Floor (DC 16 Reflex Save or target falls, taking 2d4+1d6 damage, and becomes entangled, requiring a DC 16 CMB or Escape Artist check to free oneself, on a successful save, target take a -1 penalty on all rolls and checks for 1 round as they stumble)

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Sponge Floor (CR 2)

There is a small, easily jumpable chasm ahead of you.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 19; Disable Device DC 21

Trigger location; Reset Repair


The floor absorbs impact by sinking a little bit, making jumping from it more difficult. Sponge Floor (+5 to Jump DC)

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Finger Guillotine (CR 2)

A glass case sits atop the table, filled with coins. There are a few finger sized holes in the side where one could slide out a coin or two.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 19; Disable Device DC 19

Trigger touch; Reset Repair


When a coin is slid through, a tiny glass blade slams down on the finger hole. Finger Guillotine (+6 melee attack for 1d3 damage, plus 1d6 dex damage)

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Snow Boulder

Here is another installment of exTRAPaganza, our Thursday over-the-top trap series. 

A giant snowball comes crashing down the hillside. It is easily dodged, but it hits a patch of icicles along the way, spraying them out in a deadly barrage of razor sharp daggers in all directions!

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Loose Wall (CR 3)

The brick wall looks like it is about to collapse. It could be run right through.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 21; Disable Device DC 21

Trigger touch; Reset none


A character can easily get a running start and run through the wall (DC 14 CMB check). However, several of the bricks have little sharp bits protruding from them. Loose Wall (+8 melee attack for 1d6 damage + 1 bleed damage)

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Ice Piano (CR 6)

A piano, partially covered in ice, sits at the end of the room.

Type: magical; Perception DC 30; Disable Device DC 30

Trigger touch; Reset none


If anyone plays a note on the piano, it continues, indefinitely. Ice Piano(DC 22 Will save or become captivated by the piano note, unable to do anything until the note ends in 9 rounds. If saving throw succeeds, target must make a new saving throw each round until note ends); multiple targets (all targets within 30′)

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Hammer Lock (CR 2)

The door handle is shaped like a hammer, just above the lock.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 18; Disable Device DC 21

Trigger touch; Reset Repair


The hammer falls down on the target’s hands. (duh) Hammer Lock (DC 18 Reflex Save or target takes 1d4 damage and suffers a -2 penalty to any strength or dexterity based checks until either magical healing is applied, a DC 15 Heal check succeeds, or all the damage is otherwise healed)

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Flash Chest (CR 1)

A small chest is hidden under the bed.

Type: magical; Perception DC 25; Disable Device DC 25

Trigger touch; Reset none


When the chest is opened, the inside flashes with a burst of light. Flash Chest (DC 15 Fortitude Save or target is dazzled for 1 minute)

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Hippie Beads (CR 2)

A curtain of clear beads blocks the doorway.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 18; Disable Device DC 18

Trigger touch; Reset none


The beads are filled with acid and loosely attached. Beads (DC 22 Acrobatics check when passing through beads, or take 1d3 damage from 2d4+2 sources)

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Grave Mistake (CR 3)

This cemetery has seen better days.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 19; Disable Device DC 17

Trigger location; Reset none


One of the graves has a fancy headstone. If the grave is disturbed at all, it collapses, and the headstone falls in on top. Grave Mistake (DC 17 Reflex save or target falls in grave, taking 1d6 damage, then takes 4d6 damage from headstone and is stunned for 1 round)

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