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Trampoline Floor (CR 4)

A trampoline is in the floor, with a ledge 10 feet above it.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 21; Disable Device DC 22

Trigger touch; Reset none


The trampoline can be used to jump up to the ledge, granting a +20 circumstance bonus to the DC 40 jump attempt. The ledge is freestanding, and ropes and claws don’t seem to be able stick to it. However, any creature with a total weight over 150 lb. breaks the trampoline, falling into the 20′ pit below it. Pit (DC 22 Reflex save or fall, taking 2d6 damage)

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Tree Lock (CR 4)

Thick branches from a nearby tree block the door.

Type: magical; Perception DC 28; Disable Device DC 28

Trigger touch; Reset none


If the branches are moved or cut, the target is cursed by nature itself. Tree Lock (DC 19 Will Save or target is affected as if Nature’s Exile was cast on them)

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Boiling Pot of Oil (CR 2)

Several pots and pans are cooking on the stovetop.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 16; Disable Device DC 16

Trigger proximity; Reset none


When a target gets within 5 feet, water boils over into a pot of hot oil. Oil (3d6 fire damage, DC 18 Reflex Save for half damage); multiple targets (all targets within 15′)

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Ballista Bridge

Here is another installment of exTRAPaganza, our Thursday over-the-top trap series. 

A long, narrow bridge stretches out and upward across the deep canyon. It almost reaches the other side, close enough to jump. However, this is actually a giant arrow loaded into a giant ballista. When someone gets about 3/4 of the way across, it fires, flying about a mile before landing. Oh, the people on top, they go for the ride, or they fall off. Either way…

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Lunar Landscape (CR 5)

A large portrait portrays a close up of the moon.

Type: magical; Perception DC 29; Disable Device DC 29

Trigger proximity; Reset none


The first target to come within 30′ of the picture becomes moonstruck. Moonstruck (DC 21 Will Save or target becomes enraged and confused as per the moonstruck spell)


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Don’t Touch My Food (CR 1/2)

A tray of scrumptious pastries sits on the table.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 18; Disable Device DC 18

Trigger touch; Reset repair


If a pastry is removed, the tray is flung into the target. Tray (+8 melee for 1d3 damage, plus target is covered in pastries)

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Hey, I’m a Magnet (CR 8)

The room’s walls are filled with gold pieces and objects overflowing shelves.

Type: magical; Perception DC 32; Disable Device DC 32

Trigger touch; Reset none


If any gold is touched, the target become magnetic to gold. All of the gold in the room converges on the target. Magnet (DC 24 Will Save or take 20d6 crushing damage) multiple targets (other people in room must make a DC 24 Reflex Save or take 3d6 damage from flying gold)

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Pressure Plates (CR 9)

The floor is covered in pressure plates. A gold statue sits on a small dais in the middle of the room.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 27; Disable Device DC 29

Trigger touch; Reset Repair


At least 10 pressure plates must be triggered to disarm the trap. If not, then when the statue is moved, the floor opens up to a deep pit. Pressure Plates (DC 24 Reflex Save if within 5 feet of dais or edge of room, otherwise fall 100 feet, taking 10d6 damage); multiple targets (all targets in room)

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Corrosive Statues (CR 2)

The room is filled with statues, their hands outstretched.

Type: magical; Perception DC 26; Disable Device DC 26

Trigger proximity; Reset none


When a target passes a statue, it reaches out to touch them. Statues (+4 touch melee for 1d4 acid damage)

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Water Wheel (CR 7)

A water wheel slowly turns in the underground river.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 24; Disable Device DC 23

Trigger proximity (alarm); Reset repair


As the party gets close, the wheel begins to spin quickly, spewing liquid all over the place. Water Wheel (10d6 acid damage, DC 23 Reflex save for half damage); multiple targets (all targets within 30′)

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