Gamma World

Irradiated Door

Level 3 Warder
XP 150

 The door seems to be unlocked and opens outward into the small computer lab.

Trap: When the door opens outward, it gets hit with an energy field that causes it to become radioactive.


DC 28: The door is full of a semi liquid substance and has a clear top, it also seems that it can be opened inward.


The trap is triggered when a character opens the door outward.


Immediate Reaction Close Blast 2

Target: All targets in Blast.

Attack: +8 vs. Fortitude

Hit: Target takes 2d6 radiation damage.


A DC 31 Thievery check will allow the door to be opened inward.

Upgrade to Elite (300 XP)

Increase attack bonuses by 2. On a hit, target also takes ongoing 5 radiation damage. (save ends)

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