When Wizards Are Colorblind (CR 12)


A chest is in the middle of the room.

Type: magical; Perception DC 34; Disable Device DC 34

Trigger proximity; Reset none


When the target gets within 10′, a prismatic sphere appears, and the outer color affects the target immediately unless a DC 23 Reflex Save is made. However, while it acts like the spell below, the colors are all shades of grey and randomized. A DC 33 spellcraft check is required to properly determine the “color” of the barrier. Otherwise, it acts identically to prismatic sphere. Once up, the sphere is permanent until destroyed.

Prismatic Sphere

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New Year’s Ball (CR 12)

At 10 seconds to midnight, the glitzy crystal ball begins a descent, while a mechanical timer counts off the seconds.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 24; Disable Device DC 24

Trigger time; Reset none


The ball is a bomb. When it gets all the way down, at the count of zero, it explodes. Bomb (20d6 damage plus 2d6 bleed damage, DC 22 Reflex save for half damage and ignore bleed damage); multiple targets (all targets within 60′)

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Juicer (CR 12)

The stairs of this stone tower spiral up the wall. They are sharp on the edges.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 24; Disable Device 26

Trigger location; Reset None


When someone starts up the stairs, the collapse into the floor, and begin to spin very quickly, dicing up anyone. Juicer (DC 24 Reflex Save or take 12d6 damage per round for 1d4 rounds); multiple targets (all targets in room)

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Antidote Trap (CR 12)

The stout wooden door is locked.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 22(needle) DC 28(contact); Disable Device 22(needle) DC 28(contact)

Trigger location; Reset Repair


The doorknob is covered in a contact poison, however, the needle is filled with the antidote. Needle (DC 18 Reflex Save or be injected with antidote); Contact Poison (DC 24 Fortitude Save or take 4d6 permanent Con damage unless injected with antidote within 1 hour)

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Gate Gate (CR 12)

The door to the building is set behind an ornate iron gate.

Type: magical; Perception DC 34; Disable Device 34

Trigger location; Reset None


Should the gate be opened without speaking the command word, the opener is immediately gated to the parlor inside the building, in another plane of existence. The owner of the gate will eventually get around to talking to the character, and, in exchange for some unpleasant service, will most likely offer a return trip home. There is no saving throw for this effect.

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Light Crystal (CR 12)

A large, bright gem hangs from the ceiling.

Type: magical; Perception DC 36; Disable Device 36

Trigger proximity; Reset Auto


Once per round, the gem focuses any magical light in the room, such as a continual light spell, magical flame, etc, and fires 3 beams back at the sources. Light Beam (+15 Ranged touch for 4d6 fire damage); multiple targets (sources within 30′)

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Grated Floor (CR 12)

The floor of this room is made up of metal grates.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 33; Disable Device 27

Trigger location; Reset None


The ceiling collapses onto a character, squeezing the character through the grate. Ceiling Attack (15d6 damage, DC 27 Reflex negates)

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When rooms fly trap (CR 12)

Here is another installment of exTRAPaganza, our Thursday over-the-top trap series. 

What’s more fun than having a traps in a room? Why, making the room itself the trap.

When the trap is set off, the PCs are slammed to the ground (i.e. prone) and take falling damage as though they had fallen 30′ (Reflex for half). A ghastly howling sound comes from outside the room. Standing up initially requires a DC 25 Strength check, but gets easier over a few rounds. 10 rounds after launch, the PCs are suddenly weightless for a round, after which they drift back to the floor (but still feel strangely light). 10 rounds after the weightless round, the room slams into the ground for 1.5 times maximum falling damage (the landing, plus extra damage from the roof landing on the PCs at terminal velocity).

It’s up to you whether there are windows or open doorways out which the PCs can look to work out what’s going on – we’re inclined to recommend against it, though.

Casting feather fall inside the room causes roof damage earlier as the PCs slam into the ceiling; casting it on the room itself requires a skill check to modify the spell on the fly.

Note that when the PCs leave the room (assuming they survive) they will almost certainly find it is not in the same place as when they entered. If the PCs do somehow survive, and you’re feeling mean, roll some dice, pretend to consult a table and tell them it’s landed in an active volcano and molten rock is flooding into the shattered room. But not to worry – it’s about to erupt and repeat the effect, only this time with ambient lava…

Naturally we assume that you will then tell your players you were kidding. But do feel free to have the new location be interesting.

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