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Boots of Extra Springing (Item)

A nice pair of leather boots is tucked in the back of the closet.



These appear to be boots of striding and springing. However, when the jump action is taken, the boots become extra springy, sending the character 2d6*10 feet in the air. Upon landing, the character takes the appropriate falling damage.

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Yes my Leech (CR 6 + CR4)

This is another guest entry from Brian Wiborg Mønster, submitted on Adventure-a-Week.

This stone corridor looks like so many that have come before you.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 25; Disable Device 20

Trigger location; Reset automatic


A 10’ by 10’ piece of the floor swings open and closes after swallowing up any characters standing on it, (DC 22 Reflex save to avoid falling in). It starts with a 30’ steep slope covered in razor-sharp protrusions, the protrusions will deal one hit per 10ft fallen (3 hits at +14 that deals 2D6 + 1 bleed, the bleed damage is cumulative from these hits.) The hits are resolved vs. the character’s flatfooted AC due to falling.

The bottom of the pit is covered in 4’ of stagnant swamp water, which seeps through the pit via 4” circular holes along the bottom of the pit. In the water is a swarm of leeches, now just sit back and watch as the bleed damage and the Str, Dex and Con drain from the leeches slowly drains the character(s). We will throw down a rope they say, remember the razor sharp protrusions I say.

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The Red Fountain (CR *)

This is a another guest entry from Brian Wiborg Mønster, submitted on Adventure-a-Week.

A small shelf on the wall in a dungeon corridor has potions setting on it. There are as many potion bottles as there are characters. These potions are fully working potions of gaseous form. A piece of parchment shows that the 4” holes in the ceiling every 20’ are to be used with the potions in case of emergencies.

Type: magical; Perception DC 28; Disable Device 28

Trigger location; Reset automatic


About 8’ up in the holes, which lead to another level in the dungeon, is a targeted Dispel Magic vs. Gaseous Form. The DC is 16 if using a potion, and the modifier is +8 for the dispel magic roll. The holes all end in a room with an empty fountain, hence the nickname of red fountain when an adventurer tries to fit into the small tube in his normal size.

Alternate version: It also works if the party is following an adversary in the dungeon and the corridor ends with a single hole and the potions give a clue to how the adversary got away, of course he just took the secret door in the wall, but the party will hopefully surmise that he took the hole in the ceiling.

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Black Dragon Hilt Sword (CR 5)

This is a guest entry from Brian Wiborg Mønster, submitted on Adventure-a-Week.

This golden masterwork hilt has a carving of a dragon’s body along the grip ending in a pommel shaped like a dragon’s head with open maw, ready to breathe. The dragon’s outstretched wings serve as the sword’s guard.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 22; Disable Device 18

Trigger special; Reset Repair


The first time a character wielding the sword rolls a natural one, the slight differences in pressure points along the hilt triggers an acid shower through the pommel from a reservoir hidden in the grip. Acid Shower(6D6 acid damage).

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Deck of Ouch (CR 2)

A deck of cards sits on a small end table.

Type: magical; Perception DC 26; Disable Device 26

Trigger touch; Reset Auto


When a character flips over a card, they take damage equal to the face value of the card unless they make a DC 11 Will Save. Ace=1, Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13. The face cards also animate and mock the character as they do damage.

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Troll Wig Trap (CR 3)

We’re doing our first guest trap. This one is from Mike Myler.

He also has a new adventure, The Clockwork Wonders of Brandlehill over at rpgnow. Check it out!

Spiderwebs gently move in the breeze ahead of you.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 20; Disable Device 18

Trigger location; Reset Manual


Attack +20 ranged (entangled by net, fire damage 1d6)


Immediate; single target. Reflex DC 17 to put out the fire after ending entangled effect. Can be immediately doused by magical means.

Troll Wig Item

Price 8,080 gp; Aura faint abjuration, faint transmutation; CL 3rd; Weight 6lbs


This masterwork net is festooned with pebble sized ornaments that tie together thick cords of spider’s silk. Most of these trinkets are blank pieces of bone but some appear burned, and bear effigies of troll skulls in painful grimaces. When soaked in oil the net becomes an applicable target of the spark spell or may be lit on fire (before or after an attack with it, requiring a swift action) with mundane sources, dealing 1d6 fire damage to any creature entangled by it (the oil burns away and the net extinguishes  after 5 rounds).

The Troll Wig has a range of ten feet, 12 hit points, a hardness of 6 and can be burst with a DC 27 Strength check but operates exactly as a net in all other ways. Should the Troll Wig be used to kill a troll, one of the thirty white bone trinkets changes into a burned miniature troll skull. When all thirty of these charms have been transformed the Troll Wig deals an additional +1 fire damage to entangled targets


Gnomes are often credited as the original designers of the Troll Wig, given its specialized set of qualities, but grippli are the true creators of this unique net. With their extraordinary ability to climb and natural proficiency with the weapon, one clever shaman in the first days of the ancient Glachra clan used this subtle device to swiftly defeat the leader of an imposing band of trolls. Since then they have appeared in the hands of cautious small folk from coast to coast, all with varying numbers of burned skulls.

Construction Requirements

Cost 4,040 gp; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, reinforced armaments, resist energy (fire), 200 ft. spider’s silk

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Self Correcting Quill (CR 3)

This quill has a huge, magnificent black feather attached to it, and a fine point.

Type: magical; Perception DC 26; Disable Device 26

Trigger touch; Reset Auto


This quill functions as a normal quill, however, when something written is grammatically incorrect or spelled incorrectly, it damages the writer. Quill Attack (+8 touch for 1d8+1 damage)

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Book of Diseases (CR 4)

The title of this worn, leather bound book simply says, “Common Diseases of Golarion”.

Type: magical; Perception DC 28; Disable Device 28

Trigger visual; Reset Auto


The book describes several diseases in detail. All diseases from sourcebooks are covered. When someone reads about a disease, they must make a DC 16 Fortitude save or become exposed to the disease.

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Cone of Cold

This wizard’s hat appears cool to the touch.


The wizard’s hat is cursed. If worn, it becomes a cone of ice around the character’s neck.  It deals cold damage at +6, and no armor bonuses apply to the Soak score. Fire at +6 or better will melt the cone in 2 rounds.

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Happy Trap-a-birthday!

One year ago today, pfworks posted the very first trap on this site. (The first post was on June 7th, but it merely mentioned traps, making that just the contractions and the 8th the real birthday.)

*sniff* It brings a tear to my eye to think of all the tears we’ve brought to PCs’ eyes since then. We hope that you’ve likewise enjoyed our efforts.

As pfworks’s  occasional collaborator, I’ve gone from roughly 50-50 contribution in the early days, to stepping back and sticking my head in just for the April Fool’s Week, and watching in awe as pfworks pumps out a trap every day, 7 traps a week. I’m busy working on promoting gaming elsewhere, I haven’t gone away, and I stand ready if ever I’m needed – but I’m not. Ever.

This bloke is a death machine machine. I believe it is about time that he took a bow.

So kudos, pfworks, for starting this thing and for keeping it running. It has been hellaciously good fun working with you, even if for the last several months that has mostly meant reading your work.

And… I’ve made you a cake.

Happy birthday trap

It’s a cake with a candle on top. A delicious-looking cake. Whatever is most delicious to you. (I imagine it as a nice round bombe alaska for some reason.)

When you blow on the candle, the flame starts shooting out multicoloured sparks, like a miniature firework. It’s very pretty.

When you blow on it a second time, the entire candle ignites in rainbow flames, and the sparks shoot up even faster.

When you blow on it a third time, or even if you wait a round…

…well, let’s just say the cake won’t need any cutting.

As an old trap hand you may have snuffed the candle with your fingers and cut the cake, yes? Unfortunately, the volatile cake mixture ignites on contact with air, producing a cone of flame that detonates the whole cake a round later.

Unfortunately putting the cake down isn’t an option. Some joker has put a short-lasting temporary form of sovereign glue on the bottom of the plate. The recipe makes the base of the cake naturally incredibly sticky, so trying to shake the cake off doesn’t work, and trying to pull it off will breach the icing, detonating it as above.

However, if you can manage to create a vacuum around the cake and stick your head in to eat it, it’s absolutely delicious. Congratulations, and happy birthday! You deserve every crumb.

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