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April Fool’s Week trap 1: Horned helmet trap

A single day of devious trickery – er, that is to say, creative subversion of player assumptions – was never going to be enough for this blog. This week, a series of traps that will really mess with your players. Most are in fact so ridiculously rotten that their best use is to spring them, howl with laughter at the ensuing shrieks of outrage, and then retcon the traps out of existence once you’ve had your fun, lest your players mount an open revolt.

The horned helmet

This ornate horned helmet is clearly enchanted. Any successful identification of the magic indicates that the helm offers substantial magical protection to the wearer and that the horns are enchanted to be lethally sharp. You might even casually drop the word vorpal; inappropriate as it might be to piercing damage, it should get your group salivating. Perhaps, if you don’t think it will tip your hand, there are skulls of powerful humanoids scattered around the area with holes clearly pierced by the horns of the helmet.

There is no curse or any other magical drawback. The magic is exactly as it seems.

However, what you will fail to mention – but only because your players fail to ask! – is that these vicious, diamond-tipped, god-hide-piercing horns are mounted on the inside of the helmet.

Attempting to don the helm results in an automatic critical injury to the head; successfully surviving the attack means permanent brain damage, while failure means instant death.

Welcome to April Fool’s Week!

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