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Fool me twice trap

This trap tends to work better in a modern setting, where sliding glass doors are more common and therefore less jarring in flavour. The rules text is for Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition.

The default trap is more humiliating than damaging, making it better suited to a consciously pranksterish builder, but by altering the nature of the door it can be made more lethal.

The trap consists of a sliding door with a clear panel, most likely glass but perhaps a monofilament mesh or damaging forcefield; the PCs approach it from a dim room, and the other side is bright, to ensure there is no reflection from the glass (or other medium). A DC 20 Perception check may be made to notice the narrow doorframe; this is slightly thicker against one edge of the doorway, where there is also a handle to pull to slide the door open. Initially stiff, it gives suddenly, and slides swiftly and smoothly along a groove in the floor and into the wall.

Unfortunately, the door is only part of a larger sheet of glass, and sliding the door across simply moves the other half of the glass into the doorway. This half, however, doesn’t have a mock doorframe, so the Perception check to notice it is DC 30.

Hopefully you’ll get PCs with both sides of this trap, and for an extra twist you can always put some gas on the other side for when they finally break through.

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Doordoor, or, I love you, jet-a-door

Level 7 Lurker
XP 300

This piston-like trap is named for the fact that a door with it installed acts as its own bouncer.  

Trap: Turning the handle and unlatching this door causes it not to open, but to ram straight outwards and crush anyone opening it against the wall behind them – or else fling them backwards.


DC 25: The character notices the door pressing to open.

DC 30: The character notices the door pressing to open against its hinges as well.


The trap is triggered when the door is opened.


Immediate Reaction     Area Wall 2 in a straight line out from the door

Target: All targets within the area of the wall

Attack: +10 vs. Reflex

Hit: 2d8+3 damage and the target is pushed 2 squares in the same line in which the wall moves line of the wall. If the wall created would come within 1′ of a wall opposite the entrance to the door, make a secondary attack:

+13 vs. Fortitude, Hit: 2d8+3 damage and the target is immobilised between the door-piston and the wall behind them, Miss: half damage and the character is slowed instead as they must squeeze their way free.

If there is no wall against which to get pinned, the target is instead pushed an additional 3 squares from the square at the end of the door’s movement, and falls prone at the end of the forced movement.

Miss: Half damage and the target is pushed 1 square sideways, out of the path of the piston.

Effect: The door-piston occupies the 2 squares it pushed out into until the trap is reset.


Opening the door from the side grants +10 to Reflex against the door’s attack.

Deliberately opening the door and using the piston’s momentum to propel the character grants a +4 bonus to speed for a single turn, provided all movement continues the same straight line in which the piston moves. Part of this movement may involve a jump as normal.

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