Metamagic Floor (CR 1+APL)

The wooden floor has been polished to such an extent as to be almost mirror-like.

Type: magical; Perception DC 25+APL; Disable Device 25+APL

Trigger location; Reset None


The floor has been enchanted such that the first damage-dealing offensive spell cast in the room will have its area of effect tripled.

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Negative Energy Wheel (CR *)

A valve wheel sits atop a small round portal in the middle of the floor.

Type: magical; Perception DC 26; Disable Device 26

Trigger location; Reset None


When the wheel is turned, it begins to channel negative energy in a 30′ radius. For every quarter turn, increase the damage by 1d6 and the Will DC Save by 1 for half damage. So at a quarter turn, it is DC 11 Will save and 1d6 damage, at a half turn, DC 12 Will Save and 2d6 damage, etc. For higher CR’s, up the amount of turns it takes to to open the door.

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Illusion Mirrors (CR *)

This study’s walls have several full length mirrors on the walls.

Type: magical; Perception DC 29; Disable Device 29

Trigger location; Reset None


Each mirror is actually an illusion that covers a small alcove. If examined closely, the character will notice that the reflection is slightly off. At this point, a creature of your choice will attack the character, usually getting a surprise round.

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Shadow Hallway (CR *)

A bright flash of light momentarily blinds you

Type: magical; Perception DC 34; Disable Device 34

Trigger location; Reset None


After the flash of light (which can be disabled if found) the shadows on the wall are actually shadow copies of each member in the party. They will attack at an inopportune moment, and not necessarily in this hallway. Once the flash of light has happened, a second perception check can be made to note that the shadows’ movement is not quite in sync with the party. Once the shadows attack, each player can make a DC 23 Will save. If made, the shadows have only 20% of the HP of the party members and deal 20% of the damage, otherwise, they have full HP and deal full damage. They also have access to whatever spells the party had when copied. The CR for this trap is the APL.

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Fuse Rope (CR varies)

A rope is attached to the side of the cliff and goes all the way down to the base of the cliff where it is tied off.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 25; Disable Device DC 15

Trigger location; Reset none


The rope is actually a long fuse. If it is used to climb down the cliff, the motion on the bottom will create a spark and ignite the rope, which quickly burns. The character will be about halfway down the cliff when it activates. The cliff can be whatever height x(10ft) that you choose. Rope Fuse (xd6 falling damage, DC 20 Reflex allows character to cling to side of cliff) A DC 30 climb check will allow the character to descend the rope without setting it alight.

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Map Trap (CR varies)

This ancient map is very detailed, and gives precise locations of traps and hazards.

Type: magical; Perception DC 33; Disable Device DC 33

Trigger visual; Reset none


This map, once opened, indeed shows many traps and hazards ahead of the party and is both precise and accurate – because it creates the traps and hazards. Once opened, each new room or area indoors that the characters enter will have a trap or hazard, exactly as shown on the map. Feel free to use any of the traps you find on The map will magically redraw itself to match the surroundings, but the traps and hazards will be there, even if folded up again. A remove curse spell is needed to rid the owner of the effect.

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Erasing Scroll

Aura varies; CL varies
Slot none; Price varies; Weight


This scroll appears to contain an arcane scroll. A DC 25 + spell level check will reveal that the spell listed is altered. If the spell is cast from the scroll, it will erase a random spell of the same level from memory, or use up a spell slot. If no spells or slots are available, it will use up the highest remaining spell or slot available. If the spell is copied to a spellbook, it will erase a random spell of the same level, or if not available, a random spell of the highest level available.


Craft Scroll, read magic, erase, dispel magic; Cost varies

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