Retracting Rungs

A pole leads upwards to a hole in the ceiling. Rungs have been attached to the side of the pole to make a ladder.

Mechanical Trap


When a target places pressure on one of the rungs near the top, all of thr rungs fold closed.

A DC 12 Wisdom (Perception) check detects that the rungs are attached to the pole via a mechanical device, and not directly welded.

A DC 12 Intelligence (Arcana) check detects that the mechanism is a spring-loaded mechanism.

A DC 14 Wisdom (Perception) check detects that several rungs near the top have a slightly different mechanism.

When one of the top rungs has pressure applied to it, the rungs all immediately fold in. Targets on the pole may make a DC 14 Dexterity saving throw. On a failure, they fall, taking the appropriate damage. On a success, they are hanging onto the pole.

Climbing the pole requires a successfull DC 12 Strength (Athletics) check for each 5 feet, with failure causing the target to fall.

There are too many rungs to skip over, but the trap can be disabled by removing one of the rungs and disabling the central mechanism. This requires a successful DC 13 Dexterity check with thieves’ tools. Failure by 5 or more automatically sets off the trap, folding up the rungs on the spot.

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