Rock, Paper, Scissors

Here is another installment of exTRAPaganza, our Thursday over-the-top trap series. 

The floor is made of laquered parchment, supported by wood. The ceiling is made from a large convex stone.

A dais sits in the middle of the room and contains several small golden statues.

When the dais is mounted, the trap is sprung. The convex ceiling falls, revealing itself as a large boulder. Those in the room must make a hard Dexterity saving throw, or take heavy bludgeoning damage. The boulder smashes through the paper floor. Those that have already taken boulder damage do not get a save, but everyone else must make another hard Dexterity save or fall. Beneath the floor is a 60 foot pit, the bottom of which is covered in sharp knives that stick upwards. Those that fall take 6d6 bludgeoning and 8d4+8 piercing damage.


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