Glass Room

Here is another installment of exTRAPaganza, our Thursday over-the-top trap series. 

A glass geodesic dome sits in a field. In the center of the dome is a golden rose, covered by a glass lid.

A hard Intelligence (Investigation) check reveals that the panels of the dome are each made of two panes of glass, which a clear substance inbetween the sheets of glass.

Once inside, a regular Intelligence (Investigation) check reveals that the glass dome and rose sits atop a weight-sensitive pedastal. 

Removing the glass and rose require a hard Intelligence (Investigation) check to determine the weight of the glass and rose, and a hard Dexterity check to actually swap it out with the proper weight.

If either of these fail, then when the rose and/or glass is removed, the oil between the panes of glass shifts slightly, causing every pane to become a lens, focusing all the light in the center of the dome. Any target within 10′ of the pedestal takes heavy fire and heavy radiant damage, with a hard Dexterity check halving the fire damage.

The beam lasts for 6 rounds. Any target that starts their turn or spends any of their turn in the light is subject to the above damage.

A detect magic detects an aura of evocation on the dome. Dispelling this negates the radiant damage from the beam, but not the fire damage, as that effect is purely mechanical.

If the sun isn’t out, there is no fire damage. 


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