Fireball Painting

A large painting is here. It depicts an epic battle. A wizard in the foreground has just finished casting a spell. A real bead, made of gold is just beyond the wizard’s hands, stuck onto the canvas.

Magical Trap


The bead is actually a delayed blast fireball, magically suspended in time by the artitst.

A DC 15 Intelligence (Arcana) check reveals the bead to be that of a fireball spell, but also a real bead of gold worth about 100gp.

If the bead is removed, it remains intact but releases a fireball. All targets within a 20′ radius take 6d6 fire damage, with a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw halving the damage.

A detect magic detecs an aura of evocation on the bead.

A dispel magic (DC 15) removes the fireball effect. A counterspell  (DC 15) also does the same.

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