The No-Touch Feast

A huge dining room is serving up a magnificent feast.

Magical Trap


The feast poisons consumables the party may have.

A very long table that seats 32 is covered in every exotic food imaginable. The servingware, trays, plates, etc are all silver and gold and many are trimmed in expensive jewels.

If anything on the table is removed and not returned within 1 round, all targets in the room have every consumable on them poisoned – food, potion, etc.

The items poisoned still have their normal effect. However, they also cause the target to become poisoined for 1 day after using them. The items are permanently poisoned, and only a greater restoration can remove the effect.

A detect magic or similar spell detects an aura of transmutation on the table.

dispel magic (DC 16) dispels the trap but will not remove any existing effects.


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