Hot Floor

The floor is made from smooth black rock.

Magical Trap


The floor heats up as it is walked on.

When a target walks on the floor, it begins to heat up. 

For the first 1d4 rounds, the floor is uncomfortably hot, but does not damage. It does, however, confer disadvantage on all Dexterity based checks, saves and rolls.

After 1d4 rounds, the floor deals 1d6 fire damage to anyone standing on it at the beginning of their turn.

Once the floor is vacated, it stops dealing damage in 1d4 rounds, and stops being hot in another 1d4 rounds.

A detect magic or similar spell detects an aura of transmutation on the floor.

dispel magic dispels the heat effect. However, if already heated, the floor still takes the normal amount of time to cool down.

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