Gas Lights

The room is brightly lit by several wall-mounted gas lights.

Mechanical Trap


The gas lights burn enough to lower the oxygen level in the room.

When the targets enter the room, they must make a DC 16 Consitution saving throw every minute. On a failure, they begin to partially asphixiate. This causes a level of exhaustion and also confers the poisoned condition on the target.

A DC 14 Intelligence (Nature) check allows a character to detect that the air in the room is somewhat stale.

The lights can be turned off via a hidden switch in the wall (DC 14 Wisdom (Perception) check).

The flames can be put out, but then the gas will just pour into the room, having the same effect. Additionally, if any open flame enters the room, the air will explodes, causing 2d6 fire damage per extinguished lamp. A DC 14 Dexterity saving throw halves this damage.

If a flame is put out, the lamp can be stuffed with cloth to close off the flow of gas into the room. This requires a successful DC 12 Dexterity check.

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