Little Scrolls

The featureless door just has a parchment attached to it.

Magical Trap


The parchment has a bunch of small tear-a-way strips that read “Take one to open door”. Each of these strips is actually a scroll, and tearing them away activates the spell, but does open the door.

There are 9 strips. A DC 18 Intelligence (Arcana) check detects hidden arcane symbols on each tear-a-way part. This check also identifies the spells. From left to right:

1 – Magic Missile
2 – Hold Person
3 – Slow
4 – Phantasmal Killer
5 – Contagion
6 – Disintegrate
7 – Finger of Death
8 – Feeblemind
9 – Power Word Kill

Each spell is cast with the lowest requirements to cast the spell. The DC of any saves is 10 + spell level, and any attacks are made at +spell level.

A detect magic or similar spell detects the individual spell auras.

A dispel magic dispels one of the spells, with the appropriate DC.

With a successful DC 10 + spell level Intelligence (Arcana) check with disadvantage, the strip can be removed, opening the door, and remain intact as a standalone scroll with the spell on it.


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