Burned at the Stake

A pile of wood sits atop a chest. A long stake is attached to the chest, almost reached the ceiling.

Magical Trap


Anyone that digs through the wood to get to the chest ends up bound to the stake, and the wood is set alight.

When a target starts to move wood to get to the chest, they must make a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw. On a failure they are teleported to the stake where they are bound by force chains. The wood immediately blazes into an inferno.

Targets in the flames take 6d6 fire damage at the start of their turn, or any time during their turn if they enter. Targets within 10′ of the flames take 2d4 fire damage. The flames burn out in 1 hour.

The target is restrained by the chains.

A detect magic or similar spell detects an aura of evocation and conjuration on the stake and wood pile.

A dispel magic dispels the evocation part first (fire), then the chain part, and then the conjuration (teleport) effect. However, once alight, the dispel has no effect on the fire. Being made of force, the chains are also unaffected.

Getting out of the chains requires either a disintegrate spell, or some kind of teleport magic, as they are slightly different than a normal wall of force.


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