Green Room

The walls and floors of this room are green.

Magical Trap


The target sees in the room that which scares them the most.

When a target enters the room, they must make a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw. On a failure they see an illusory manifestation of their deepest fears, causing the target to become frightened. Also, the exit to the room disappears, effectively trapping them in the room. At the end of the target’s turn, they must make another Wisdom saving throw. On a success, the effect ends. On a failure, they take 6d10 psychic damage. The effect lasts for one minute.

A detect magic or similar spell detects an aura of illusion on the walls.

A dispel magic (DC 16) destroys the trap and also removes any ongoing effects.

Marking at least 5 square feet of the wall with paint, ink, etc. grants advantage to the Wisdom saving throws.

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