Spiky Elevator


The elevator ceiling and floor are full of holes.

Mechanical Trap


The bottom and top of the elevator shaft have dozens of long, pointy, and sharp spikes that protrude into the elevator.

A DC 14 Intelligence (Investigation) check reveals that some of the holes have small cuts around the edges. This is where the spikes no longer exactly line up.

When the elevator is operated, it can go up or down. Either way, one round later, long, sharp spikes protrude through the holes on the floor or ceiling.

All targets in the elevator suffer a +8 melee attack for 6d4+6 slashing and piercing damage. If the elevator is moved, all targets suffer another attack, but at +4. If the targets in the elevator move, the area is treated as difficult, and each movement action taken in the elevator causes the target to take a +8 melee attack for 6d4 slashing damage.

1/8″ inch of steel of 2″ of wood covering the holes is sufficient to break the spikes and prevent them from coming in. The shaft can also be scaled, with a DC 14 Strength (Athletics) check. Once at the top or bottom, the spikes can be individually broken with a DC 10 Strength check. However, navigating to the bottom counts as moving in the elevator as above.

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