Orange Kool-Aid


A pitcher of orange liquid sits on a table, along with several glasses.

Magical Trap

Drinking the liquid shatters the target’s personality and intellect.

Any creature that gets within 10′ of the liquid must make a DC 18 Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, they pour and drink a glass of the orange liquid.

The target then takes 4d6 psychic damage and must make a DC 18 Intelligence saving throw. On a failure, the target’s Intelligence and Charisma scores become 1. The creature can’t cast spells or use magic, understand language or communicate. It can identify and follow friends, and do basic melee attacks.

A new saving throw can be made every 30 days to remove this effect, or it can be removed by greater restoration, heal or wish.

It can also be removed by replacing the local magistrate.

An aura of enchantment can be detected on the liquid with detect magic or a successful DC 22 Intelligence (Arcana) check.

Dispel magic (DC 18) or a DC 24 Intelligence (Arcana) check dispels the effect from the liquid.


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