Following Fireplace


A fire roars in the fireplace in this lavishly decorated study.

Magical Trap

If any items are removed, the fire leaves the fireplace and follows the thief.

A DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) check reveals that the fire in the fireplace is not consuming wood and is unnaturally sphere-shaped.

If a target removed an item from the room, the sphere-shaped fire moves into the target’s space. The target takes 2d6 fire damage, or half as much on a successful DC 12 Dexterity saving throw.

The sphere acts on initiative 20. It will follow the target for 10 rounds, moving up to 60 feet and ending its turn on the target’s space if possible. It can’t go through walls, or closed doors and windows, but it can traverse stairs.

Any other target that ends their turn within 5 feet of the fire must also make the Dexterity saving throw above and take fire damage.

An aura of conjuration can be detected on the sphere with detect magic or a successful DC 14 Intelligence (Arcana) check.

Dispel magic or a DC 16 Intelligence (Arcana) check dispels the fire sphere.


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