Unlimited Food


A bountiful feast is laid out on the table before you.

Magical Trap

The feast causes the target to be the recipient of unlimited food.

A DC 18 Intelligence (Arcana) check reveals that the food is arcane in nature. But otherwise is perfectly good.

If any of the food is eaten, the target must make a DC 16 Constitution saving throw. On a failure, every hour the target will be the recipient of enough food that it will cause the target to be heavily encumbered. The food will be deposited in containers, bags, etc. It requires 1d4+1 rounds to drop all the excess wait.

An aura of conjuration can be detected on the food with detect magic or a successful DC 18 Intelligence (Arcana) check.

Dispel magic or a DC 19 Intelligence (Arcana) check dispels the food from the table permanently. If used on an affected player, any carried food is dispelled and the effect end immediately.


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