This little spot in the forest seems very peaceful.

Magical Trap

The area is under the effect of time-warping magic.

A DC 18 Intelligence (Nature) check reveals that the area is a little too pristine. Further examination shows that there is no rot or decay anywhere.

When the party rests here, time resets to the beginning of their rest. It will seem like they got the benefit of a short or long rest, but they do not actually regain lost hit points, expended spells, etc.

When the party leaves the area, each target must make a DC 24 Wisdom check. On a success, they notice that they did not regain lost resources. On a failure, they only notice this when it comes time to use an expended ability, or they take damage or the like.

An aura of transmutation and illusion can be detected on the area with detect magic or a successful DC 24 Intelligence (Arcana) check.

Dispel magic (DC 15) or a DC 19 Intelligence (Arcana) check dispels the illusion part of the effect, revealing that the lost resources were not regained. Stopping the time effect requires a Dispel magic (DC 19), which dispels it permanently.


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