Good Luck Pool


Coins are scattered at the base of the statue, in a pool of liquid.

Mechanical Trap

The liquid in the pool is odorless and caustic to organic material, but harmless to metal.

A DC 12 Intelligence (Nature) check notes that the coins have small bubbles on them, in a manner that is not normal for water.

Anyone reaching into the water takes 1d4 acid damage, with a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw reducing this to 1 acid damage.

The coins can be retrieved by using a tool of some sort, however, if that tool is made of organic material, it will corrode and break after 1d4 attempts.

If the coins are removed but not washed off, they will do 1 point of acid damage per round being handled. If placed in a container made from an organic substance, they will eat through the container in 1d6 rounds.



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