Underworld Shrine


A small shrine to an unknown god stands outside this cave.

Magical Trap

The shrine attacks those who pass without giving an appropriate sacrifice.

A successful DC 15 Intelligence (Religion) check shows that the shrine honors an ancient death god.

Before the shrine is a large, bowl shaped stone. A DC 14 Wisdom (Perception) check reveals small stains in the bowl.

A successful DC 12 Intelligence (Investigation) or DC 12 Wisdom (Medicine) check shows these stains are dried blood.

In order to pass unharmed, a target must cut themselves for 1 hp of damage and let the blood drop into the bowl. If a target enters the cave without this sacrifice, the target suffers a +4 ranged attack for 1d8 necrotic damage by a ghostly, skeletal hand. On a successful hit, this hand stays with the target until they leave the cave. While this hand is attached to the target, the target may not regain hit points.

The only way the shrine can be disabled is with a Hallow spell. This will destroy the shrine and remove any existing effects.


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