Butcher Shop


A couple of wooden chests sit in a corner. Shelves along the walls hold dozens of full knife blocks.

Magical Trap

The knives in the blocks are telekinetically linked to the chests. Disturbing the chests causes the knives to fly towards the chests.

If a target without the key opens one of the chests, a knife will fly towards the target. This is a +5 ranged attack for 1d4 damage. Each chest has its own attack, so if both chests are open, there will be 2 attacks.

Once the chest is open, it locks open.

If the chest isn’t closed, a knife attack will happen each round against a random target within line of sight until the chest is closed. Closing the chest requires either a DC 18 Strength check or a DC 16 Dexterity check with thieves’ tools.

A spell such as Detect Magic detects an aura of transmutation on each chest.

A spell such as Dispel Magic will cause the knife attacks to permanently abate with a successful DC 15 spellcaster check. Effects that suppress magic of spell level 5 or higher will cause the knife attacks to cease for the duration of the effect.


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