Here is another installment of exTRAPaganza, our Thursday over-the-top trap series. 

The city is eerily quiet, as if no one is around.

Everyone died off here quite some time ago, but the disease lingers. Anytime flesh makes contact with a surface, the target must make an easy Constitution saving throw or become infected with City Rot. On a successful save, another save need not be made for 1 hour.

City Rot – Symptoms show up in 2d6 days. When symptoms appear, the target must make an easy Constitution saving throw each day for 1d4+4 days. On a failure, the target takes 1 level of fatigue. On a success, the target loses a level of fatigue. At the end of the symptom period, if the target has no levels of fatigue, the target is healed and no longer contagious. If the target has levels of fatigue, that target must keep making saving throws every day until the target has zero levels of fatigue. The target is contagious once infected, before symptoms appear. Once per day, any target that comes within 6 feet of the infected target may become infected as per above.

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