A chest is in the corner of the room.

Magical Trap

The chest is full of gold that enchants those in the room to be consumed by greed.

The defenders here use this chest as a defense. When they are attacked, the chest is flung open. All opponents within 30 feet must make a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw or be charmed. A charmed creature may do nothing but approach the gold and start collecting it. Affected creatures may make a new save at the end of each of their turns. Also, any creature that takes damage gets a new saving throw immediately to end the effect.

A spell such as Detect Magic detects an aura of enchantment on the chest.

A spell such as Dispel Magic cast onto the chest dispels the charm effect permanently.  Spells or effects that suppress magic effects suppress the charm effect, and also suppress any ongoing charm effects on creatures.


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