Dorm of Horrors


Several bunks fill this room.

Magical Trap

The beds cause bad dreams in the target.

The beds are all messed up, even though no one has used them for a long time. A chest is under each bunk.

The chests contain clothing, weapons and some small valuables. If the chests or bed are disturbed, they crumble to dust and everyone in the room must make a DC 15 Wisdom save. Crumbled items reappear 1 hour later.

Those that fail their save will have their sleep disrupted by a monstrous entity in their dreams. The target gains no benefit from sleep and takes 3d6 psychic damage upon awakening.

A spell such as Detect Magic detects an aura of illusion on the room.

A spell such as Dispel Magic cast onto the room with a successful DC 15 spellcasting ability check causes all the beds and chests to crumble in to dust forever, and permanently ends the dream effect. Spells of effects that suppress magic effects of spell level 5 or above will cause the beds and chests to crumble to dust and render them inert, only to appear an hour after the suppression effect ends. The dream effect, once imparted, is not affected by suppression.


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