Death Room


Two doors, both open lead into a circular room.

Magical Trap

The doors, when closed, complete a magical death circle.

When the last target enters the room, or if a target crosses the room to the other door, two skeletal apparitions appear in the doorways and close the doors. Once the doors are closed, a pale, purple energy coalesces in the middle of the room, and then explodes in a rippling shockwave. All creatures in the room take 8d6 necrotic damage, with a successful DC 18 Constitution saving throw halving the damage.

A spell such as Detect Magic detects an aura of necromancy about the room, and separate auras of transmutation on the doors.

A spell such as Dispel Magic cast onto either door will keep them from closing. If cast into the center of the room, it will disable the energy effect if it succeeds with a DC 16 spellcasting check. Any effect that suppresses magic will keep the doors from closing for the duration, which effectively keeps the trap from activating.


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