Whispering Portrait


A large portrait hangs above a wooden chest.

Magical Trap

The portrait whispers to those who touch the chest.

When the chest is touched, the portrait whispers to the creature touching it. The whisper takes the form of discordant melody. This creature must make a DC 12 Wisdom saving throw or take 3d6 psychic damage and use its reaction to move as far away as possible from the chest. The creature will also not willingly touch the chest again for 1 hour.

The trap resets immediately after sprung. If a creature successfully saves, they cannot be affected again by the whispering.

A spell or other effect that can sense the presence of magic, such as Detect Magic, reveals an aura of enchantment on the portrait.

A spell such as Dispel Magic cast onto the portrait permanently removes the enchantment effect. Any effect that suppresses magic suppresses the enchantment effect for the duration of the effect. If the target is in the area of suppression and is enchanted, the enchantment is also suppressed on the target for the duration.


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