A small wooden crawlspace can be entered at the back of the room.

Mechanical Trap

The crawlspace is lined with wooden planks, all of which have a little give. This give causes some of the nails to pop out slightly while using it.

A DC 14 Intelligence (Investigation) check reveals that the crawlspace is old and needs repair. The boards are somewhat loose and it looks like not all of the nails are secured.

Each time a creature makes a move in the crawlspace, they must make a DC 14 Dexterity (Acrobatics) check, or get caught on a nail, taking 1 point of damage. If the creature is wearing armor, and fails the check by 5 or more, the creature also becomes restrained, and movement ends. It requires an action by the creature or another creature to end the restrained effect.

If the creature moves at half speed, the creature will gain advantage on the check while moving.


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