Locked In


Boxes and crates fill the storeroom.

Magical Trap

A chest is hidden in the bottom of a false crate.

A DC 14 Wisdom (Perception) check on the crate reveals that the inside is smaller than the outside.

Hidden under a false bottom in the crate in a small wooden chest. The bottom can be easily lifted out. The chest is unlocked and contains a few small bags of valuables. When this small chest is opened or moved, the door to the storeroom closes and is arcane locked.

The storeroom door normally has AC 15 and 27 hp, and requires a DC 14 Strength check to break open. When it is arcane locked, the Strength check is DC 24. The lock lasts for 1 hour.

A spell or other effect that can sense the presence of magic, such as Detect Magic, reveals an aura of abjuration about the small wooden chest.

The trap on the chest can be dispelled with Dispel Magic or another similar spell or effect.


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