Lava Portcullis (CR 9)


A solid portcullis blocks the way, and looks sturdy.

Type: magical; Perception DC 33; Disable Device DC 33

Trigger touch; Reset none


The portcullis requires a DC 25 Strength check to lift. Once lifted, the trap is triggered. Lava Portcullis (Lava pours from the portcullis opening, forming a solid wall of lava. The wall has hardness 4 and 90 hp per 5 foot square, but the lava will fill it in. The opening is 10′ x 10′, taking up 4 squares of lava. The total number of squares in 16, so 12 squares have to be destroyed before there is a hole. Weapons and objects take 2d6 fire damage when striking the wall, as do natural or unarmed attackers. A DC 25 Strength check is required to move through the wall, but the target takes 20d6 fire damage on the attempt, whether it succeeds or not. Those within 10′ of the wall take 2d4 fire damage per round, and those within 20′ but further than 10′ take 1d4 fire damage per round. Every round, the wall reduces itself by 1d4 squares by shooting a plume of lava at a random target within 60′. This is a ranged touch attack at +12 and deals 10d6 fire damage. Those damaged by physical contact with the wall or a plume continue to take half the original damage per round for 1d3 rounds); multiple targets (see above)

Wall of Lava


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