Vortex Well (CR 8)


The well here looks pretty old, and is also fairly large.

Type: magical; Perception DC 32; Disable Device DC 32

Trigger location; Reset none


The well is 15 feet wide and 50 feet deep. A small stream and pool can be seen dimly at the bottom. Vortex Well (About halfway down, the pool spirals up the well. Those in the well must make a DC 25 Reflex Save or take 6d6 bludgeoning damage each round. Those that fail must also make a 2nd save, or be pulled into the vortex. While in the vortex, creatures take 1d8 damage per round, plus the additional 6d6 bludgeoning damage, and cannot escape until the vortex subsides, 7 rounds later. Those that are not in the well, but come into contact, must make the save(s) or take damage and possibly be pulled in for the duration of the effect.); multiple targets (all targets in well).



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