Upon Reflection (CR 7)


A shiny, ornate mirror dominates one wall.

Type: magical; Perception DC 31; Disable Device DC 31

Trigger proximity; Reset none


The mirror is strangely compelling, as the reflections seem to really flatter the target. Upon Reflection (DC 24 Will Save or target splits into 2 bodies. One body remains where it is, and is unoccupied. The other body inhabits a small, overlay plane that resides inside the mirror. The real body acts as if it were dazed, although it can make a single move action per round, but cannot do anything else, including speaking or threatening. The body inside the mirror has full actions. Each body has the full stats of the target. If one of the bodies is killed, it turns to dust. If it’s the body that’s inhabited, the target switches to the other body, and is stunned for 1 round. While inside the mirror, the target can see, but not hear, everything happening through the mirror. However, the body cannot escape, unless it uses something like plane shift, dimension door, teleport or a similar spell. Breaking the mirror severs the link, and the target will reside permanently in the current body it occupies.)

Twin Form


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