Squirt Gun (CR 10)


A ladder leads up to the surface from the sewers

Type: magical; Perception DC 34; Disable Device DC 34

Trigger location; Reset none


The ladder leads up a 40′ tube. When a creature is withing 5′ of the top, a huge wave forms at the bottom, and shoots up the ladder. Squirt Gun (8d6 bludgeoning damage, DC 27 Fortitude Save for half damage, In addition, the wave attacks with a +30 CMB attack. A successful attack knocks the target prone and carries them with the wave. Each round, carried creatures can make a Swim check or CMD check against the CMB check. If it fails, they travel 30 feet straight up, and take 6d6 damage. Otherwise, they escape. At the end of 5 rounds (150 ft) the wave disperses. The targets take appropriate falling damage. Escaped targets take appropriate falling damage from point of escape); multiple targets (all targets in tube, or within 10′ of opening at bottom of tube)



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