Shield Maiden (CR 3)


A very large fresco of a warrior maiden is painted in bright, but fading colors on the wall. Her kite shield, however, is real and hangs on the wall.

Type: magical; Perception DC 27; Disable Device DC 27

Trigger touch; Reset none


The shield is a normal masterwork heavy steel shieldIf it is removed from the wall, the fresco slower begins to peel and flake from the wall. The paint flecks swirl in the air and disappear. Shield Maiden (The next time the target makes an attack of opportunity, the shield maiden appears as a flaking but colorful 2d image that intercepts the attack. The maiden attacks the target with a melee attack at +2. On a successful hit, there is no damage, but the attack of opportunity automatically misses. The shield maiden stays with the target and only leaves after she makes 3 attacks, whether they are successful or not)

Protective Spirit


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