Fountain of Courage and Life (CR 3)


 A fountain spews forth a golden liquid. A sign in front says “Make an offering and dip your weapon; blessing you shall receive”.

Type: magical; Perception DC 27; Disable Device DC 27

Trigger touch; Reset auto


If the target dips a weapon in the liquid, if will glow faintly blue and they will get a +1 enhancement bonus to their weapon for 4 minutes, if they donate at least 200gp (or equivalent value). If they dip and do not donate, the weapon will still glow. However, it will not have an enhancement bonus. Rather, the next target struck by the weapon will gain a +2 morale bonus on fear and death saves. Furthermore, the moment the target reaches 0 HP, the effect will end, but they will be automatically healed for 1d8+4 hp. This particular effect lasts until discharged.

Blessing of Courage and Life

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