Static Bowling (CR 5)


The hallway is long and made of lightly colored polished wood. Several small pillars are at the far end.

Type: magical; Perception DC 29; Disable Device DC 29

Trigger proximity; Reset none


When the targets walk towards the other end, balls of lightning, one at a time, roll down the hallway towards them. Static Bowling (Each round, 1 ball rolls down the hallway, attempting to strike a target. The target takes 3d6 electricity damage (DC 21 Reflex save to negate the damage). Those wearing metal armor suffer a -4 penalty on the save. If the attack misses, the ball strikes the pillars, knocking one over, which shoots a bolt of lightning down the floor, dealing 2d6 damage to everyone in the hall (DC 21 Reflex Save for half damage). Then the ball returns the next round via the ceiling, as the next ball rolls down the hallway. This continues until all the pillars have been knocked down. There are 10 pillars); multiple targets (single target for ball, all targets in hallway for bolt)

Ball Lightning

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