Strong Bridge (CR 2)


A worn stone bridge crosses the fast moving river.

Type: magical; Perception DC 26; Disable Device DC 26

Trigger proximity; Reset none


The bridge has been enchanted to hold more weight than it could otherwise. It can normally hold 200lb, but due to the enchantment, can hold 600lb. However, when a target reaches the middle of the bridge, the enchantment is dispelled. If there is over 200 lbs of weight on the bridge, it collapses. Strong Bridge (DC 16 Reflex Save or target falls into water. While in the water the target must make a DC 20 Swim check to move towards shore. It requires 3 successful checks to reach shore. Each round, the target is moved 100′ downstream. The target gets a number of checks equal to their Con score, after that, they begin to drown.); multiple targets (all targets on bridge)

Ant Haul

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