Neat Room (CR 8)


This study had been meticulously cared for.

Type: magical; Perception DC 32; Disable Device DC 32

Trigger touch; Reset none


If the target rummages through the room and leaves a mess (the default unless the specifically say they aren’t, and make a DC 25 Perception check and as DC 17 Intelligence check), upon leaving all the items in the room, including any taken by the party, swirl about in the air and return to their original locations. While the objects are swirling, chaos can be felt. Neat Room (target level: 4 or below – target is killed, confused, stunned and deafened, 9 or below – target is confused, stunned and deafened, 13 and below – target is stunned and deafened, 14 – target is deafened.

Killed – target is killed, DC 25 Will Save reduces this to 3d6 + 14 damage

Confused – target is confused for 1d10 minutes, DC 25 Will Save reduces the duration to 1 round

Stunned – DC 25 Will Save or target is stunned for 1 round

Deafened – DC 25 Will Save or target is deafened for 1d4 rounds);

multiple targets(all targets in room);

Word of Chaos

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