I See You (CR 7)


The room is littered with sharp obstacles and pits.

Type: magical; Perception DC 31; Disable Device DC 31

Trigger proximity; Reset none


The sharp obstacles (1d6 bleed damage) and pits (1d6 +1 bleed damage) are easy to avoid. A DC 5 Acrobatics check is all that is required to move through the room at normal speed. The check increases by 5 for each doubling of movement. For every 5 feet of movement, both a pit and sharp object will be encountered, each requiring a separate check. However, once in the room, the trap springs. I See You (DC 24 Will Save or target can see into the Ethereal plane for 11 minutes. The distraction causes the Acrobatics check to be DC 24); multiple targets (all targets in room).

True Seeing

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