Mirror of Sympathy (CR 9)


A large, very ornate mirror stands outside a great hall. Just inside, several ballistae are aimed towards a dais in the middle of the hall, which contains a red jewel.

Type: magical; Perception DC 33; Disable Device DC 33

Trigger proximity; Reset auto


Once the target is visible in the mirror, they feel an overwhelming urge to possess the gem in the next room. Mirror of Sympathy (DC 27 Will Save or target will enter room and pick up jewel, which causes 16 ballistae to fire, each at a random target near the gem. Each ballistae is +12 ranged melee for 3d8 damage); multiple targets (all targets visible in mirror. Targets that make save are immune for 1d6x10 minutes. If more than one target fails save, they will argue and fight each other for possession of the gem)


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