This Isn’t Moria (CR 9)


The archway that leads to the inner temple is covered in runes and script.

Type: magical; Perception DC 33; Disable Device DC 33

Trigger word; Reset 10 minutes


The script on the archway is written both in draconic and abyssal. It says “Speak, friend, and enter”. Moria (Should anyone actually utter the word “Friend”, it triggers the trap. The rune glows and kills one or more targets within 60′ whose combined current total HP does not exceed 150HP. It affects closest creatures first, and skips creatures that would put it over the 150 total. The rune remains active for 10 minutes, and new creatures that get within 60′ are affected, as are creatures that leave and re-enter. A DC 33 Fortitude save negates the effect, and counts towards the HP total); multiple targets (all targets within 60′)

Symbol of Death

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