Spiky Door (CR 5)


The stone door ahead is closed.

Type: magical; Perception DC 29; Disable Device DC 29

Trigger touch; Reset none


If the door is touched, hard to see stone spikes spring up everywhere. Spiky Door (DC 21 Reflex Save or target takes 1d8 piercing damage to hands, and has a -2 penalty to all rolls such as skill checks or attacks that involve using hands until either a cure spell is cast, or someone spends 10m and makes a DC 19 Heal check. Also, the immediate area in a 20′ radius is covered in spikes. Anyone moving through the area takes 1d8 damage per 5 foot movement, and must make a DC 19 Reflex Save, or have their speed halved, which can be taken care of like the hands above. This last for 7 hours)

Spike Stones

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