The Future’s so Bright (CR 10)


The way ahead is very bright.

Type: magical; Perception DC 34; Disable Device DC 34

Trigger proximity; Reset none


The lighting here is very bright, and causes a -2 penalty to attack rolls, as well as a -10 penalty to perception checks. The brightness comes from flames spouting out of the walls and doorways ahead, leaving only a pathway clear to the right. However, the flames are not real. A DC 27 Will save will allow the target to ignore the 6d6 points of fire damage. However, once a flame-filled doorway has been passed through, the light tapers off and penalties are removed one round later. Should the target go to the right, they will become trapped in a maze. Even if the target makes a DC 27 Will Save to ignore the maze, there is an 80% chance they still get trapped. Each round, the target may make a DC 20 Intelligence check to escape, or wait for 10 minutes, when the maze disappears.


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