Now You See It (CR 8)


A metal floor, with wide grating covers the entire bottom of this tower. A chest sits in the middle. About 20 feet under the grated floor is a pool of lava. Several of the grate spacings are big enough to fall through.

Type: magical; Perception DC 32; Disable Device DC 32

Trigger touch; Reset none


If the chest is touched, both the chest and floor become invisible. While the chest can be opened and looted by feel, walking back will also have to be done by feel. For every 5 feet that a target walks on the grate, they must make a DC 24 Acrobatics check, or step through an opening. A DC 24 Perception check can be made before each movement as a move-equivalent action. If this succeeds, they will receive a +5 bonus on the Acrobatics roll. If the Acrobatics check fails, the target must immediately make a DC 24 Reflex Save, or fall into the lava, taking 2d6 falling damage, and 2d6 fire damage each round.


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