One Giant Mess (CR 9)

The door is covered in delicate vials, each filled with some kind of gas or poison.

Type: magical; Perception DC 34; Disable Device DC 34

Trigger proximity; Reset none


While removing the vials (which require a DC 18 Dexterity or Sleight of Hand check) the target is suddenly turned into a huge giant (DC 27 Will Save negates) for 18 minutes. This causes a -4 penalty to the current check, and a -1 penalty on further checks. If the vial drops, it shatters, filling the area with gas. Gas (DC 27 Fortitude Save or target is reduced to 0 hit points, on a successful save, target loses half of his hit points); multiple targets (gas affects a 30′ radius and stays around for 1d6+2 rounds)

Giant Form

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